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Meet the Ghostbusters

Our Founder and Director, Eng Jin and Cocoa have been out in the wild for years, helping drive growth for brands and businesses digitally; Indiana Jones style. In 2011, they decided to make this mission their lifelong purpose — to rise up bold adventurers to become warriors in the digital world. Along the way in their quest, they found camaraderie in one likeminded vampire slayer consultant: Suki. Quirkily creative, she too shares the same vision in world domination wanting to connect SMEs and SMIs to their customers, one brand at a time.
Always taking the initiative to grow each of our client’s brand equity, we are firmly grounded and rooted by integrity. With our reputation at stake, we make sure that we are always responsible, tenacious, and resourceful; increasing their profitability.
We have helped over 100 strong brands of experience and reliability within our region to grow digitally and beyond.

The Bold
Monster Tamers
of ABR

We may come from varied cultural and education backgrounds, hatched out of different eggs, but we all share the same values to achieve growth in all aspects — be it business or personal.